Last week Hiro (aka Aqui Pode) came all the way down to Tokyo from… wherever it is that he lives (he keeps telling me and I keep forgetting) to film some promo videos for his exciting new merch. Including a t-shirt in two fabulous colours and an DARN ERASABLE PEN. I have a vivid memory from elementary school when erasable pens were a hot new thing and my friend Katie had one but wouldn’t let me borrow it. I haven’t forgotten, Katie. Anyway… the shirts are nice too.


Aqui-Pode-ALL.00_01_00_20.Still014 5 Second Films w/ AQUI PODE & BREAKER JAPAN

Really nice…

The last time I saw Hiro it was on a drunken night out with Dan and everyone’s favourite internet couple Simon and Martina. At some point I was dancing on a couch at a Karaoke place. It was fun.

But that’s another story for another day…


Aqui-Pode-ALL.00_00_18_54.Still004 5 Second Films w/ AQUI PODE & BREAKER JAPAN

Actual footage from aforementioned night out.

So how DO you sell a T-shirt and a pen? How do you sell anything these days? Sex or humour. Or both, but we went with humour. Honestly I am a busy lady and I have many things to do but there’s nothing I like more than attention so obviously I was in. With Friday evening closing and an ice cold vodka soda calling my name, Dan and I spent a speedy but productive hour throwing some ideas around. It eventually spiraled into watching silly YouTube videos and playing with my Tinder account (this is why I can’t make friends DAN) but we got inspired and ended up coming up with the concept of making super short little ad nuggets to put before his videos.


Aqui-Pode-ALL.00_00_38_18.Still009 5 Second Films w/ AQUI PODE & BREAKER JAPAN

Who needs friends when you have pens? ERASABLE PENS.

Anyway on Monday Hiro came down with the always lovely Ana in tow to film these bad boys. We went to our Tiny Tokyo Studio (which you may recognize from our beer tasting video) and filmed our first little video, then headed into the streets for some outdoor shots. I know that some people feel slightly awkward filming on the street but I feel like these days so many people are vlogging and recording their lives that it’s almost completely normal now. Especially all of the folks that we work with. Sometimes it’s hard to come to work and NOT end up in someone’s vlog. Unfortunately, though, we filmed right outside a curry restaurant around lunch time. I apologize if my or anyone else’s acting wasn’t up to par but we were hungry and it smelled amazing.


Aqui-Pode-ALL.00_00_57_01.Still013 5 Second Films w/ AQUI PODE & BREAKER JAPAN

Did someone say curry?

Like me, Hiro is a busy guy so whenever he comes to Tokyo he always has a million things to do. We had to squeeze these four micro shoots into about an hour. Yay. Surprisingly nothing went wrong and everything came together pretty nicely with some time to spare.

With all our extra time Danny boy slapped together some quick edits and we laughed. With the filming over, Hiro had to leave right away to continue dat YouTuber hustle, so no Monday night Karaoke couch dancing I guess.  After crushing it in record time we went back to that curry place for lunch. It was excellent but that too is another story for another day.

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