Cafe-Na-9-800x450 Alternative Things: Harajuku Hidden Gems

Tokyo’s Harajuku district is so many things: a Japanese fashion center, vintage clothing heaven, and destination for the best sugary treats. It’s just an all around odd attraction in one of the busiest cities in the world. Far more exists in Harajuku than what’s on the surface and what has been written about countless times before. Stray a bit away from the Takeshita Street and you’ll find a wealth of personality in the tiny neighborhood.

Five G Music Technology

Alternative-Harajuku-23-800x450 Alternative Things: Harajuku Hidden Gems

Okay, so this first one is actually on Takeshita Street, but we needed to at least give you a point of reference. Filled with soundboards, synths, and any other kind of electronic music instrument you can think of, Five G Music Technology is a mecca for digital music nerds.

As you can see from the photos, the aisles are crammed with so much machinery, you’ll think you’re lost in some version of what people in the 70s and 80s must have thought the future would look like.

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Cafe Na.

Cafe-Na-1-800x450 Alternative Things: Harajuku Hidden Gems

This hidden hangout is just off the beaten path. The funky display of art on the walls is provided by a revolving group of local artists. The cafe is also furnished with comfy couches and cushions. It’s not a big place, but the relaxing atmosphere and excellent array of drinks and food items makes it a perfect spot for a lunch date or meet up. It’s also a generally quiet and unknown spot.

Stop in for the delicious lunch specials and quiet atmosphere. It’s worlds away from the hectic atmosphere just outside on the streets.

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Baird Beer Taproom

Alternative-Harajuku-25-800x450 Alternative Things: Harajuku Hidden Gems

If craft beer is your think, then Baird Beer Taproom in Harajuku is a nice little diversion just off of Takeshita Street. The best place in Harajuku to grab some beer and meat on a stick. This izakaya has a whole range of yakitori for you to choose from. Beer taps line the walls, and as one of the signs says there’s “no crap on tap.” How can you argue with a statement like that?

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Yukari-3-800x450 Alternative Things: Harajuku Hidden Gems

Further up the backroad from Baird Beer Taproom is Yukari. You may not notice it at first, thanks to the large wall that separates the entrance from the street, but inside Yukari is quite a busy little izakaya. They also serve soba noodles, which is the perfect treat to go with a round of beers or some sake. This izakaya even has touch screen ordering for the socially awkward.

An old-school Japanese bar that will make you think you’re in a sleepy suburb rather than near the bustling heart of the Tokyo’s youth and fashion center.

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There are plenty of other hidden gems in Harajuku, but these were just a few of the ones we thought were worth checking out. Look forward to more lists like these in the future.