Voiceovers are something I thought I’d never have to actually do myself, as I’m under no illusion and that the accents or impressions I do aren’t terrible, which was proven in Simon & Martina’s Yamachan video of their picnic where I pulled out my best (worst) David Attenborough impersonation. However, thanks to a bit of Martina’s magical editing, that turn out OK.

Screen-Shot-2017-07-19-at-5.30.37-PM-2000x1123 Simon & Martina Date with 1000 Mosquitos

Hello there

This time Simon & Martina head out for a picnic to eat nice things while a thousand not so nice things try to eat them. Luckily for them they are able to protect themselves against the bugs by applying a thick layer of Deet. Endorsed by David Beckham.

Screen-Shot-2017-07-19-at-5.30.26-PM-2000x1118 Simon & Martina Date with 1000 Mosquitos

Just as effective as bug spray

Despite the all unwanted guests they were still able to have fun.  And they even had a surprise guest near the end of the video that made all those mosquitoes kind of worth it. I once again got to prove to the world that my accent and impersonations need a lot of work. Listen for my stellar voiceover performance in Simon & Martina’s video.

Screen-Shot-2017-07-19-at-5.29.53-PM-2000x1119 Simon & Martina Date with 1000 Mosquitos

Happy Summer!