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The self-proclaimed "lowliest, yet hippest gentleman in history" Yamashita has been living in Shanghai since September 2012. With over a million fans and hundreds of millions of views on his videos, Yamashita is the most famous otaku in China. In June 2013, he began living together with the blowup doll he calls “Rose,” with whom he’s gone to cosplay at the Comiket convention. Videos of their adventures have become big hits in China. His popularity exploded with an original drama series in July 2014. Since then, Yamashita has created a variety program titled “Roughly One Minute of (Being A) Gentlemen,” a show which he claims will “change the way you learn Japanese and bring distaste joy to learning the essence of Japanese culture.” His absolutely hilarious, albeit somewhat crass, videos will teach you words and phrases you never thought to learn, but are exactly what you need to become the type of gentleman he represents.