fbpx $120 vs $1 Sake What's the Difference?

We are back with another Japanese taste test. Last time we asked some of the Breaker folks to form teams of two and identify various types of beer (and non-beer). This time we brought sake to the party!

This time Rose, Blumio, Sharla and Akito worked alone to see if they can rank five different sakes in order of price. Let’s take a closer look at the sake we bought for the occasion.

The Selection

$1 – One Cup Sake (The depths of Hell)

One Cup is the kind of thing you buy when you are meeting your friends on a Friday night and they have already been drinking for hours without you. You need to catch up with them. Fast. So you head down to the nearest convenience store and pick up one of these bad boys.  The taste is terrible and you’ll regret everything tomorrow, but it will get the job done.


$10 – Kikusui (Nagoya)

We bought this bottle at our local convenience store. Almost all Japanese convenience stores have a pretty big selection of sake ranging from terrible to not bad.


$30 – Dassai 39 (Yamaguchi)

The brand is named after Masaoka Shiki who was a famous Japanese poet. The water used to make this sake is taken from the wells of the Yamaguchi area.

$60 – Haku Raku Sei (Miyagi)

This bottle came with its own fancy wooden box.  First brewed in 1873, the Name Hakurakusei comes from Hakuraku – a famous mythological hero who tamed horses.

$120 – Suminoe (Hyogo)

We definitely used this video as an excuse to visit the fancy specialty sake store around the corner.  This sake has a citrus smell. The best rice “Yamadanishiki” is used to make it. The bottle gets it name from a famous shrine that is dedicated to the water god Suminoe.

Cheers, everyone!

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