fbpx All You Can Tokyo: Fancy Edition

Get your reservations ready for this edition of All You Can Tokyo. We’re taking you to some swanky places for a gourmet buffet experience. These three restaurants each offer something classy and unique to the usual all-you-can-eat experience. While nothing on here will completely break the bank, they are a bit pricier than the usual buffet style restaurant. So break out that credit card and let’s get down to eating.

Rilassa – Tokyo Dome Hotel

Tokyo buffet all you can eat restaurant Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome is home to not only the Yomiuri Giants, but also one of the premier concert and event halls in the country. Nearby, in the luxurious Tokyo Dome Hotel, is the restaurant Rilassa. Featuring a buffet with an array of options from roast beef to crab leg, you’ll never run out of variety. That buffet style also extends to the sweets bar, which has enough cakes, puddings, and pies to keep you coming back for me.

The view from the restaurant is also pretty magical, especially at night. The Korakuen ferris wheel is in full view, aglow with its multicolored lights. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic afternoon or evening.

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New York Grill – Hyatt Tokyo

All you can eat buffet at New York Grill

With breathtaking views of the city no matter where you’re sitting, New York Grill benefits from a daytime visit. However, you can’t deny the impact of Tokyo’s nightscape from high atop the Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel. The restaurant features a main dish with choices that change depending on when you visit and also includes a buffet of appetizers and desserts. Be warned, it’s incredibly easy to binge on the appetizers, so leave yourself some room for your delicious main.

After your meal, you’re offered a seat in the lounge to enjoy coffee, tea, and that dessert buffet, giving you two different views of the city in one visit. A baby grand piano and frequent live music act lends a nice ambience to the stellar food and views.

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Luxe Dining Hapuna – Shinagawa Prince Hotel

If you want your restaurant looking like night all the time, then Luxe Dining Hapuna is the place for you. The Shinagawa Prince Hotel website says that Luxe Dining Hapuna is “a food entertainment resort for mature diners and serves healthy food.” The buffet offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Items run the range from eggs, sandwiches, beef, pastries, sweets, and fondue. Naturally, evening meals can get a bit pricey, but the daytime is reasonable for this kind of excellent dining experience.

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