fbpx 4 Harajuku Sweets Shops to Fuel Your Sugar Rush

Harajuku fashion may not be the huge trend it once was, but big accessories and candy-colors never go out of style, especially on candy. In this case, we’re talking about sweets. One particular street near Harajuku Station holds three sugary stops to satisfy any sugar lover’s cravings, so join us as we run full speed on a sugar-blinded marathon down Takeshita Street to three of the best Harajuku sweets shops.

First stop: Baked discs of goodness

Cookie Time

Cookie Time is the first stop on our sugar tour. Just look for the red-headed stepchild of cookie monster beckoning you into this saccharine wonderland.

A case full of cookies greets you as you walk through the doors, and the many concoctions of shakes and ice cream treats lined up are enough to make you feel like you’ve died and gone to a sugar-coated Promised Land.

And who needs a regular shake when you have Freakin’ Good Shakes? If the sugar isn’t enough for you, there’s also a variety of coffees brewing, so the caffeine can keep you going. There are still two more places on this magical mystery tour, so loosen your belt and head out the door.

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Next stop: Fluffy clouds from heaven

Totti Candy Factory

Totti Candy Factory might just be a candy lover’s heaven. What they are most well-known for is the giant puffs of multi-colored cotton candy that you’ll surely spot in the vicinity before the shop even comes into view. But inside, is a selection of candy that is probably only rivaled by Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

They also have a huge selection of candies and other treats. Each is lined up like in a troth with a little shovels. Unfortunately, it’s frowned upon to shovel it directly into your mouth, so please use the little bags provided. 

All of the fluorescent colors and neon lights inside aren’t going to help with your sugar-induced hallucinations, but they sure do create a good atmosphere.

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Next stop: The treat that should not be

Kanazawa Ice

Kanazawa Ice is known for its popsicle treats. That might not seem like much at first, but the catch here is that these popsicle treats never melt.

The story goes that an accidental discovery at a Kanazawa-based Biotherapy Development Research Center led to the creation of the never-melting popsicle. Whether accidental or intentional, one thing is for sure, this is probably one of the most amazing discoveries ever discovered by men who were able to discover things.

The sugar scientists at Kanazawa Ice have shaped their creations into a variety of forms such as bears, hearts, flowers, and lollipops. If you’re here in the summer, the “never melting popsicle” will last for at least 10 minutes in the sweltering Tokyo sun.

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Last stop: End of the road

Jiyū Kūkan Manga Cafe

As you stumble out of Kanazawa Ice and reach the end of Takeshita Street, don’t be suprised at the shock you feel when returning to reality. All of this might be too much to bear in such a state. So before you fall into a sugar-induced coma, your final stop should be Jiyū Kūkan, a manga kissa just around the corner from the exit of Takeshita Street.

This place is open 24/7, so no matter what hijinks you get into after your sugar run, you can come back at any time to crash here. So book a private booth for a few hours and crash at the end of your long journey.

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