fbpx Dine with Ninjas at this Weird Izakaya

In modern day Japan, all traditional ninja work has dried up, so the last roaming few have banded together and switched out killing for cooking. Together they have created the world’s first and only Ninja restaurant! Meanwhile, back in reality, the Ninja Akasaka is a themed restaurant where the waiters and waitresses dress up as ninjas and serve you ninja-themed food. But that doesn’t sound as fun, does it?

Tucked away in the basement of a large department store, the Ninja Akasaka has a single door entrance that reveals very little about what’s in store inside. However, after being guided through some dark ninja tunnels with low ninja ceilings, you’re finally sat down at your ninja table where your ninja waiters and waitresses bring you your ninja meal in full on ninja outfits while performing a variety of ninja magic in between your courses. Starting to notice a theme here?

Ninjas. The theme is ninjas.

During our visit, the success rate of the ninja magic was about 75% as one of our ninja waitresses managed to fling her menu scroll across our table while another ninja lady knocked over my beer. However, both times we were reassured that this was a ‘ninja mistake,’ which I guess means all is forgiven. And all was forgiven once my new beer arrived.

But for a restaurant heavily based on a gimmicky theme, the food itself was actually pretty decent. All the sashimi was fresh and served on an impressive ice sculpture while the spicy chicken was actually pretty damn hot (which for Japan can be a rarity). They also had some pricier things on the menu aimed at groups of business people splashing out the company cash, but you can wine and dine for less than $50 per head.

There’s also a fully stocked ninja bar!

So minus the few ninja mishaps, the whole experience was pretty entertaining and on a couple of occasions we were all brought to gasp in amazement as a ninja waiter scrambled our brains with their cunning ninja trickery. Honestly, they turned an egg into a roast chicken dinner right in front of our eyes! I still to this day have no idea how they did it and to top it off, the chicken tasted pretty good too.

Ninja food porn

The finale to our meal was a magician ninja who blew our minds one last time with some table side card tricks, followed shortly by the bill. I would definitely say it won’t be the cheapest meal you could have during a visit to Japan but definitely one of the more memorable ones.


Ninja Akasaka

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〒100-0014 Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Nagatachō, 2 Chome−14, 永田町2丁目14−3 赤坂東急プラザ1階
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