fbpx Trying the Pikachu McFlurry in Japan

McDonalds Japan has released their Pikachu McFlurry today. The limited edition treat mimics the electric mouse’s iconic colors and is a delicious chocolate and banana mix. Of course we ran out to buy some as soon as we got to work this morning. You know, for science.


There are 6 different cups that you can capture, and each one features Pikachu’s adorable mug making a different facial expression. We bolted to our local McDonalds and picked up three McFlurries – each with a different Pikachu pose.

“Why are you eating my brains?”

The summer dessert arrives just in time for the release of “Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You”, which is the latest in the Pokemon Movie franchise. It also commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon anime in Japan. Can you believe it’s been 20 years!?

Prior to the release of the chocolate and banana dessert, McDonalds Japan asked fans to vote for the flavour they wanted on twitter.

  • Pikachu (banana & chocolate)
  • Charmander (habanero) -huh?-
  • Bulbasaur (broccoli) -ugh!-
  • Squirtle (Ramune soda)
  • Gengar (sweet potato)
  • Jigglypuff (peach).

Some of the flavours were clearly meant as jokes. Ultimately (and unsurprisingly), fans chose Pikachu.

Sadly the world missed out on the Broccoli ice cream

The McFlurry is available at McDonalds in Japan from July 14th into August. They’re a great way to beat the Tokyo summer heat, so hurry up and catch ’em all!


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