fbpx Snack Breaker: Pudding Pancakes, Peaker Energy and Caramel

Snack Breaker is a bi-weekly series to highlight new and limited time treats in Japan. We’re here to check out the what’s fresh on the shelves of your local “conbini” and let you know what’s worth spending your hard earned yen on.

Pudding Pancake

More pudding, less padding please!

Where To Buy: NewDays convenience stores
¥¥¥: 139 yen

If you’ve ever dreamed about how good Japanese pudding would taste sandwiched between two pancakes, you may be disappointed with the end result that NewDays produced. Even their official photos hint at the biggest disappointment with this snack: the filling is just too skimpy. The mediocre flavor of packaged pancakes overwhelms the slim bit of pudding flavor in the middle and that’s if you even get any in your first bite or two.

Snack Breaker recommendation? Skip.

Peaker Bitter Energy

Where To Buy: Select supermarkets and convenience stores
¥¥¥: 200 yen

Japan doesn’t have a large selection of Western-style energy drinks, but new products have slowly been trickling onto shelves in the past few years. Red Bull has been a staple, but Monster drinks are now also widely available throughout the country. Suntory has partnered with Snow Peak, an outdoor apparel and gear brand, to create Peaker Bitter Energy as an alternative to weary consumers who want a midday boost.

For those looking for the caffeine, but not the sugary sweetness of a Monster or Red Bull, it’s a great alternative. The flavor can most closely be described as apple-like and the beverage is only lightly carbonated. Through official unscientific Snack Breaker testing, it offered very similar results to its competitors. One benefit is that instead of a can it comes in a PET bottle for easy storage; much more convenient than having to chug the last of a Monster because you don’t want to carry a can around.

Snack Breaker recommendation? Try.

MOW Salty Butter Caramel Ice Cream

I’ll be salty when it’s gone

Where To Buy: Supermarket
¥¥¥:130 yen

MOW ice cream cups come in a wide variety of flavors, but their latest is absolutely mouthwatering. The smell of caramel is apparent as soon as you open the package and there’s nothing subtle about the flavor as soon as you dig in. The saltiness also comes through when eating and nicely compliments the caramel. This is a limited edition release and not one you’ll want to miss.

Snack Breaker recommendation? Must-buy!


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