fbpx Tokyo's Summer Spicy Food Festival

We love spicy food here at Breaker Japan – so when we found out about a spicy food festival happening in Tokyo we knew what we had to do.

Gekikara Gourmet is an annual three-week-long food festival in the heart of Shinjuku.  There are tonnes of booths each offering a small selection of fiery dishes.  Each week of the festival serves hotter dishes than the week before – so we obviously decided to attend the third and final week.

They also had these

Before leaving for the festival, we started the day by filming our Korean Fire Noodle challenge video.  A full day of spice seemed like a good idea at the time. Needless to say once we were through THAT experience our tastebuds were warmed up (hehehe) and ready for some more hotness.  We were expecting big things.

The redness-levels of that oil look promising…

At the festival itself we sampled four dishes. At each booth we asked the vendors to make the dish as spicy as possible.  Maybe it was because we had galvanized our tastebuds with Korean death ramen – but we all agreed that the spice level was pretty tame.

Throw some chili flakes on top and call it a ‘spicy paella’

That isn’t to say some of the food wasn’t delicious, though!  We thoroughly enjoyed a few of the dishes we selected – although we would recommend buying many dishes at once. The portion sizes were quite small.  There was also a happy hour going on at the time we were there – so alcoholic drinks were 50% off!  If that isn’t enough to sell you I don’t know what is.

Fried chicken and discount cocktails, people

The company that puts on the event also holds other themed food festivals throughout the summer. They offer a cilantro festival (also known as coriander for you Europeans out there) and a garlic festival- which is maybe not the best place to bring your date. That’s just our advice, though.

Check out the company’s Facebook page for more info on all three events! We’ll be on the lookout for more of the hottest food Tokyo has to offer.


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