fbpx Vegan Food Festival Comes to Yoyogi Park

This past weekend the Tokyo Vegefood Festa returned for its fourth year to Yoyogi Park. Tokyo’s community of vegans convened in front of the NHK building at the southern edge of the park where a number of food trucks and vendors offered vegetarian and vegan foodstuffs, including a few grocers.

Vegan pad thai, anyone?

Although the official site originally purported 100 vendors, ultimately there were less than 20. However, that didn’t take away from the quality of the food at each place, which was incredibly delicious, even to those who still eat meat. Vegefood Festa, colloquially shortened to Vegefest, ran both Saturday and Sunday and featured musical performances.

The same weekend was also an Indonesian food festival, located not far from Vegefest. However, that was not vegan nor vegetarian-friendly.

A vegetarian take on Japanese curry

Vegan food consists of no meat or dairy, but Vegefest had a lot of foods where the meat was simply substituted. Such as burgers and curry. There was an eclectic mix of cuisines, including Thai and Egyptian. At some places, there were also dairy substitutes, like a sour cream made from cashew nuts and boba drinks that used soy milk.

Grocer booths selling vegetarian and vegan wares

The most popular truck featured Mexican food like nachos and burritos and churros. The line was incredibly long and the wait time was significant but definitely worth it.

These lucky gals finally made it to the front of the line

Hungry yet? Don’t worry, a number of these places have brick and mortar stores throughout Tokyo! You can see a full list here.

For those interested in connecting with other vegans in Tokyo, check out vegantokyo.org. They had a pop-up tent at the festival where members both old and new could sit and talk while they ate.


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