fbpx Game On Akihabara: Book Off

Book Off is the largest chain of used bookstores in Japan, but since reading isn’t for everyone, it’s also a great place to find pre-owned DVDs, CDs, manga, and of course, video games. The best part is, they’re often the cheapest around too.

While most Book Offs in Tokyo sells used games, they’re almost entirely from current and last generation consoles (PS4, PS3, 3DS, Switch, etc.). But as this is the Akihabara branch, the whole of the first floor is dedicated to gaming. Here you’ll find games as far back as PlayStation 2, DS, Wii, and even some retro classics.

A PS2 and DS smorgasbord.

There was a time when Book Off was the de facto shop in Akihabara for the cheapest deals on games and consoles, especially retro games. Unfortunately, their retro collection isn’t as robust as it used to be, and prices are hit or miss.

As of this writing, their entire catalog of retro games was made up of a couple of boxes of original Gameboy and Famicom games. Even the console selection was low with just a few Super Famicoms for sale. However, the PlayStation 2 and original DS collection was on point with rows upon rows of gems to sift through.

Goodnight you princess of Peach, you kings of Pallet Town.

Special mention should also be given to the Book Off “sister store” located near Super Potato— Hard Off. Besides having a hilarious name, Hard Off sells second-hand hardware and hobby supplies such as guitars and sound systems.

The top floor has a small aisle devoted to retro software, mostly Nintendo games. Funnily enough, the small collection at Hard Off is almost double the size of the retro collection at Book Off Akihabara.

The prices at Hard Off probably won’t get you off


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