fbpx Game On Akihabara: Retro Game Camp

Walk down the main road of Akihabara, and you’ll undoubtedly hear 8-bit melodies of some of your favorite video games. Like real-estate agents and apple pie, Retro Game Camp knows how to lure you in. While not nearly as large of a collection as Super Potato, their inventory is still impressive.

Just don’t let your nostalgia get the better of you. Super Potato can be expensive, but you can almost always find a deal on a game you’re looking for as long as you don’t mind that it’s missing its box. The same cannot be said for Retro Game Camp.

Welcome to the game dungeon.

Retro Game Camp has two stores. Their street-level store is narrow and cramped but packed with Nintendo, PlayStation, and Sega classics. The TVs on display are really trying to play up the nostalgia factor with old-school videogame commercials like Segata Sanshiro on repeat.

There are only two floors, but it’s a lot to go through. It’s also worth a mention that there is usually a discount box in the front of the store with games as low as 10 yen, but don’t expect anything in there to be worth it.

Next door is their “dungeon store”, which is really just an otaku name for their basement. While the stairs leading down to it are lined with Mario plush dolls and cute pixel art, it is really just a boring room with shelves. Compared to Super Potato, it might as well be a Blockbuster Video. There isn’t much here except more of the same.

It looks like a treasure trove, but the prices can be a little high.

As for prices, they’re pretty disappointing. Most shops in Akihabara will at least try to price match Super Potato, but Retro Game Camp often doesn’t even come close. They also don’t have many original consoles for sale. Instead, they push emulation machines and knock-offs.

All-in-all, it’s worth it just to browse, but you’re much better off spending your money somewhere else. However, there is one huge plus that might raise Retro Game Camp over the others—an online store with worldwide shipping.


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