fbpx Game On Akihabara: Super Potato

Avert your eyes long enough from all the cute maid girls, and you’ll eventually stumble upon the only videogame store in Akihabara that somehow manages to be as legendary as it is over-hyped. That store is Super Potato. Don’t get us wrong. Super Potato has earned its reputation and its fame, but you better have a big pocketbook if you expect to do any shopping while you’re here.

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From the outside, your average Joe probably wouldn’t guess that the unremarkable looking building and cheap marquee hides one of the world’s greatest collection of retro video games. While it only makes up the 3rd through 5th floors, it manages to jam every crook and nanny with video game nostalgia. It’s a museum of your childhood as much as it is a games store.

Everything from Atari up to Dreamcast and Gamecube can found at Super Potato, but the shrine of Nintendo classics on the 3rd is its main attraction. It’s here where you’ll find towers of Super Nintendo consoles (Super Famicom in Japan), a massive library of games (many of which are inside their original boxes and others with six-digit price tags), rare and out-of-print merchandise, and more, all the while rocking out to 8-bit tunes and old-school game soundtracks.

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The 4th floor is for the tail-end of what you could probably consider classic systems like N64, Playstation, and Sega Dreamcast, but an impressive collection none the less. The 5th has been remodeled to look like a Japanese arcade from the 90s. It’s dark, full of smoke, and aside from the life-sized Solid Snake statue from the Metal Gear series, it’s as old-school as it gets. You can even shop from a large selection of dashi, cheap and nostalgic Japanese candy and junk food.

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However, as cool as all of this is, Super Potato can be expensive. While you can probably find a lot of deals on games as long as you don’t mind if they are missing their box, Super Potato specializes in quality and rarity.  If you are a collector looking to drop a few hundred dollars on a mint condition copy of Final Fight Guy, knock yourself out. If you just want to save Princess Peach, you might be better off looking somewhere else. Or heck, hunt down a SNES Classic.


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