fbpx Game On Akihabara: Trader

The unfortunate truth about Akihabara is that it has become a tourist trap for gamers. A lot of foreigners end up disappointed after they discover their “otaku mecca” only stretches for a couple of blocks. There are a crazy amount of video game shops to be sure, but after a while, they just sort of blend together. Prices are pretty much fixed everywhere you look, and the money spent on getting to Akihabara could have been saved by using Amazon. However, there is one outlier to be foundTrader. The best shop in Akihabara for finding deals on new and used games.

The best chain to buy and resell software in Akihabara.

Trader is a chain with three stores in Akihabara (and one in Shinjuku), each specializing in something different. Trader Headquarters offers the largest stock of used retro and imported software, there are even rare classics and Neo-Geo. You can also find models, figures, and adult goods here.

The Trader 2 store features used games from the most current generations, as well as more adult goods. Trader 3 has DVD/Blu-ray, games for women, used PC software, and even more adult goods. Besides having some of the cheapest deals you’ll find on games and software in Akihabara — and usually the best trade-in value — you’ll also notice that they share something in common: porn.

Hentai Heaven

Like most of Akihabara, you need to have an open mind while shopping at Trader. The moment you step through the door, you’re bombarded with anime breasts. They aren’t subtle about targeting their main demographic.

Even the walls next to the kid-friendly games like Super Mario and Pokemon are plastered with porn. A lot of which is loli and might irk the uninitiated — even after you’ve explained to them that it’s cool because she’s really a 900-year old space witch.

The point is that you might not want to make Trader a part of family day.


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