fbpx Halloween Centric Fever Dream: Dokkiri Kami Kaihi

Dokkiri Kami Kaihi is a Japanese mobile game that is available around the world. It is a simple puzzle game that showcases Japan’s quirky sense of humor. Dokkiri Kami Kaihi roughly translates to “Avoid the God of Surprises”. Essentially, a very unlucky boy has to deal with divine forces whose presence upset his life.

Once you successfully complete a level, the small fruit icon will appear.

The first five levels are playable right after download and you can play them in any order. More levels will unlock as you complete them, ultimately unlocking 31. Since many of the levels are related to Halloween, it seems the number of levels correspond with the days of October.

Each level will have extras to discover, whether you fail or not. They can be kept track of by tapping the orange icon that looks like a card from a strategy card game, located at the top of the screen. Once you finish a level, you can share your progress on Twitter or Line (a popular messaging app used in Japan).

Successfully completing a level and unlocking a new card, hooray!

The first level serves as a tutorial but the level that follows introduces supernatural elements and from there the game quickly gets more outlandish. The player character wears house slippers throughout the vast majority of the game, even when he’s outside. Which really begs to question whether the whole thing is some strange dream he’s experiencing.

Gameplay Notes:

At times, you pick up items by simply tapping on them, which then sends them to inventory slots at the bottom of the screen. From there they can be dragged and dropped wherever and whenever appropriate. You may have to act quickly, some levels rely on timing in order to beat them.

Whether you fail or purpose or not (gotta get all those cards!), you will be given the option to retry, or go back to the page with the different levels. Make note that リトライ = retry. It’s the yellow button on the left with a circular arrow. The button directly to the right is how you return to the level pages.

The large blue button with a play button on is how you can get hints for each level, but you must watch an ad first. However, the hints are in Japanese so they may not be useful.

Even failing the level will unlock new cards, sometimes there will be more than one.

The last level will leave you flummoxed and wanting more. Luckily, there are now sequels to the game, totaling four Dokkiri Kami Kaihi games. However, they are all separate downloads.

You can watch Japanese YouTuber Abu play through the game in the embedded video below.

Looking to play? Don’t worry, it’s free!

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