fbpx First Look at Nintendo's Animal Crossing 2DS LL

Two special edition Nintendo 2DS LLs were released in Japan on July 19th. They also came to the UK on July 20th. Sorry America, there’s no word on a release in the US as of yet. The special editions released are Animal Crossing and Mario Kart 7, with a Minecraft version set to release in Japan August 2nd.

The special editions come with minimal packaging, unusual for Japan, which is usually obsessed with presentation and often over-packages products. They’ve taken this minimalism idea so far, they didn’t even include a charging cable. The assumption seems to be that the consumer already owns at least some form of 3DS/2DS and doesn’t need one for their new special edition. Luckily, the checkout girl anticipated this and brought one along with the handheld from the back when I picked up mine.

Device Details

Each special edition comes pre-loaded with the its respective game. It also includes a special Amiibo card. For those looking to pick one up, it’s important to note any Nintendo 3DS or 2DS consoles purchased in Japan are region-locked and Japanese-language only.

In Japan they use the designation LL but English language models are XL.

Despite the name change, the 2DS can play any 3DS game, so your new system isn’t just for looks. Besides the pre-loaded game, the only difference between the special edition and regular edition 2DS models are cosmetic.

Each of the special edition systems features unique details relating to its title game. The top of the Animal Crossing edition is inlaid with game-specific designs, including an inset leaf logo. The back of the system also features more Animal Crossing designs. When you open up the system, there are light green face buttons to go along with the pastel theme of the console.


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