fbpx Japan's PS Plus Free Games November 2018

For November on Japan’s PS Plus Free Games sees some polar opposites selected for free games gameplay wise. First up is the narrative-heavy Beyond: Two Souls, a game that is less game and more interactive film. Second is Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition which is one of the gameiest games that’s has probably ever been gamed. The most you can say about these two games as far as similarities go is that they are both games. Games, indeed.

Beyond: Two Souls

David Cage games are polarizing experiences. On the one hand, they boast deep, well-crafted storylines. On the other, there’s not really much gameplay. They are glorified quick time events stretched over the course of several hours. Your enjoyment is derived from how connected you are to the narrative.

From what I’ve heard, Beyond: Two Souls is the weakest of his creations. A few months ago Heavy Rain was featured as a free game, though, so if you’re hoping to get the whole trilogy, maybe Detroit: Become Human will also end up on here eventually.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

Cliffy B, wherefore art thou? Poster boy of the Gears of War franchise and former Epic Games big man just hasn’t had much luck since his heyday a decade ago. But that should diminish your enjoyment of his games. Unless that game is LawBreakers, because it doesn’t exist anymore.

Bulletstorm came out way before the whole battle royale fad has gripped the unwashed gaming masses. It’s a competent shooter with some inspired execution animations. Good fun for a few hours. Good, bloody fun.

Also free this month

  • Space Channel 5 Part 2 (PS3)
  • Burly Men at Sea (PS4/VITA)
  • Bomberman: Panic Bomber (VITA)


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