fbpx Japan's Latest Legend of Zelda Nintendo 2DS Special Edition

Legend of Zelda fans rejoice. Nintendo is releasing another special edition 2DS LL, this time with the styling of the Hylian Shield. Much like the last trio of special editions, this version comes pre-loaded with a game. In this case, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Originally released in the late 90s for the Nintendo 64 console, Ocarina of Time was remastered with updated graphics in 2011.

Pre-orders for this special edition have already ended and shipping dates are slated for early November. This special edition was previously available in North America earlier this summer, and now Japan has its own version. The price is 17,258 yen, tax included, which is roughly $155 USD. It is also an online exclusive, purchased through My Nintendo Store and will not be seen in brick and mortar stores in Japan.

Courtesy of Nintendo.

Also for pre-order is an acrylic art board featuring artwork of Link from Breath of the Wild. Link is astride the Master Bike, which was recently released as a playable vehicle in Mario Kart 8, available on the Switch and Wii U. It first showed up as DLC for Breath of the Wild. The art board is B5 size (roughly 7 by 9 inches) and priced at 13,500 yen ($120 USD). It will also be shipped early November.

Special edition Legend of Zelda handhelds are nothing new. Since the release of the first Gameboy, there have been multiple stylized editions. Starting with the gold Triforce edition Gameboy Advance SPs which came with The Minish Cap. There have also been special 3DS LLs (XL in North America), but this is the first 2DS to feature a Legend of Zelda design.

According to the promo images,  the device will have raised reliefs in the shape of the Hylian Shield.  This design choice was also the case for the last round of special editions, which similarly had tactile front covers. This Japanese version also likely won’t ship with a charging cable much like the other special editions that were Japan-exclusive.


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