fbpx Japan's PS+ Free Play Games List - Oct 2017
PS+ Japan Free Games October 2017

This month looks like shoot ’em up month on the Japanese PS+ Free Play games list. Two of the Free Play games feature decidedly different takes on this classic genre. Of course, a few other surprise additions can be added to your PlayStation libraries as well. Take a gander at the games available this month.

Caladrius Blaze (PS4/PS3)

Developed by a company called Moss, Caladrius Blaze is a classically designed Japanese vertically scrolling shooter. Waves of enemies and curtains of bullets come raining down and require precise positioning and reflexes to dodge. You’re given not one, but three special weapons to vary up your attacks, and a large cast of characters with different attack patterns to choose from adds to the variety. Caladrius Blaze is a compilation of sorts of a couple earlier iterations of the game. With added story elements and extra stages to play through, this is definitely the best version of the game to get.

Steredenn (PS4)

Wheras Caladrius Blaze offered a look at Japan’s take on the shoot ’em up, Steredenn–from developer, Pixelnest Studio–showcases Western indie design. A horizontally scrolling shooter, Steredenn offers randomly generated levels that allow for quick play sessions. If you’ve got the time though, you could spend hours fighting through its waves of enemies and bosses. Tons of different weapons and power-ups make it a different experience every time you start up a new game. And the pixel art for your own spaceship and enemy crafts is all the rage right now.

Also FREE this month:

  • Idol Death Game TV (PS Vita)
  • Battle of Tiles EX (PS3)
  • RIGS Machine Combat League (PS VR)
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (PS4)

Getting Metal Gear Solid 5 for free is worth the price of a PS+ subscription alone. Check back again next month for more coverage on the Japanese PS+ Free Play games list!


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  • lukesnitter

    So excited about playing Metal Gear Solid 5 this month. What a great game…all for free!!!