fbpx Japan's PS Plus Free Games April 2018

The free games available for Japanese PS Plus subscribers have dwindled significantly since the beginning of this year. However, April contains a couple of heavy hitters that should satisfy fans. The mix seems to be split between story-heavy games and more action-oriented affairs. Let’s get down to business.

Heavy Rain (PS4)

Starting things off is the interactive cinema of Heavy Rain. Originally released for the PS3 in 2010, the game was rereleased for the PS4 in 2016. A higher degree of graphical fidelity and resolution has been brought to the table with the PS4 version. Though some bugs still appear to pop up from time to time. Still, you can’t beat free, and the story is really what the Heavy Rain experience is all about.

BlazBlue: Centralfiction (PS4 / PS3)

Es fights against Grimoire

The BlazBlue series started in 2008 from the ashes of Arc System Works Guilty Gear franchise. Now that Guilty Gear is back in high… gear, BlazBlue has fallen by the wayside a bit. This 2016 entry is the last of the main series as of this writing. Still, Centralfiction delivers all the frenetic and dazzling 2D style fighting that Arc System Works have made their bread and butter. The characters are also a lovable mix of crazy and cool. If you’ve never played a BlazBlue game, then this is really the best place to start.

Also free this month:

  • Toy Home (PS3)
  • Storm Lover V (PS Vita)

A toy car racing game and a visual novel where you try to find the perfect boyfriend round out this slim month of PS Plus pickings. Hey, at least Slide N’ Go is finally gone from the list. See you next month!


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