fbpx Japan's PS Plus Free Games December 2018

December rolls around with a bounty of gifts for Japan’s PS Plus Free Games. Well, maybe bountiful isn’t quite the word, but there are some gems this month that are worth putting into your PS library. Especially when they come at the low low price of free.

Gravity Daze 2 (PS4)

It feels like the Gravity Daze (aka Gravity Rush in the West) series has never gotten the praise it deserves. It’s an original concept which has you defying the laws of physics to traverse a floating city and it uses these powers for combat as well.

The first game was a Vita exclusive that Sony pushed pretty hard, but it and the Vita didn’t perform that well. And we all know what happens when Papa Sony is disappointed. He gets the belt out and whips with the buckle end, that’s what happens.

Still, they gave Gravity Daze 2 a proper chance on the PS4. Unfortunately, it still didn’t make many waves. It’s a game that’s absolutely worth checking out for its colorful characters and charming comic book presentation. While the camera can be unwieldy at times, it’s forgivable when the story and world are so much fun.

Action Henk (PS4)

Action Henk is a racing game where you butt slide across courses using a character that looks like that one uncle that everyone wonders how he keeps getting invited to the family gatherings.

I don’t know if there’s anything more I can say about that. The game seems to be quite fun though. It’s got high ratings on Steam and Metacritic, so it might just be the best alternative approach to racing games since Mario Kart.

I mean, anything is possible.

Also Free this month:

  • Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls (PS3)
  • Sonic Adventure (PS3)
  • Bomberman Legacy (PSP/VITA)

At least Slide N’ Go is finally gone from the list. It’s an end-of-the-year non-denominational holiday miracle!


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