fbpx Japan's PS Plus Free Games March 2018

Hey, everybody, welcome to March! There’s been quite a bit of grumbling about Sony’s recently announced plans to discontinue adding new free games for the PS3 and Vita, but we’ve still got a whole year before they put that plan into action. There are still a few PS3 and Vita titles available this month, and Slide N’ Go is back for the Nth month in a row. Thank the gaming gods!

Let’s get started.

Bloodborne (PS4)

What makes Bloodborne such a good game? Well, if you ask me, I’d say pretty much everything. From the impressive visuals and gothic art direction right down to the tight gameplay. If you’re a fan of From Software’s Souls series then Bloodborne will feel at once familiar and foreign.

Taking a more aggressive and fast-paced approach to combat, Bloodborne forces you to get in the face of your enemies. No blocking, no shields, just crazy transformable weapons and a quick dash to replace the Souls series signature roll.

The action RPG is one of the PS4s biggest exclusives and having it included as a free game this month will bring in a lot of new players who may have passed it up when it first dropped in 2015. Now is the perfect opportunity for seasoned players to jump back into the game and meet some fresh blood in the online community. I can’t wait.

Downwell (PS4 / Vita)

The other PS4 game this month is the indie title Downwell. As the title explicitly says, you travel down a well in search of treasure.

Downwell has a very striking black and white style, punctuated by the red of enemy attacks and the red color of the gems that you find as you traverse deeper and deeper. It has a super retro 8-bit style as well.

Another game that was released in 2015, this one didn’t get all that much love when it was released. Hopefully this addition to the Free Games collection can help boost its audience.

Also Free This Month

  • Darkness II (PS3)
  • Metal Slug Complete (PSP / PSVita)
  • Slide N’ Go (PS4)

This month is a little slim, but Metal Slug Complete and Darkness II are pretty good deals for the older generation of systems. See you again in April!


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