fbpx Japan's PS Plus Free Games October 2018

October is the hallowed month of Halloween. What with Halloween becoming more and more popular in Japan, you would think that this month’s PS Plus Free Play games would serve up something horror-themed. Well, looks like PlayStation Japan missed the memo.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst Welcome Price!! (PS4/VITA)

You could stretch your imagination and classify God Eater 2: Rage Burst as a horror game. It does include giant monsters, but that is really stretching it. In this sequel to the PS Vita original, you’re once again tasked with hunting down prey and using their remains to upgrade your weapons and armor.

If this sounds a lot like the Monster Hunter series, well, that’s because God Eater is basically Sony’s answer to Capcom’s long-running franchise. God Eater has a lot of unique mechanics going for it, though, and a way darker tone to the setting and story.

It’s not clear what “Welcome Price!!” as part of the title means. Perhaps this is a special subtitle added to this PS Plus campaign. Who knows? In any case, welcome! Price!

Thumper (PS4)

Thumper is a VR experience that has been touted as a “rhythm violence” game. Ok… Developed by Drool (ok…) you control a beetle-like creature as it travels on rails through several stages. Thumper looks like a darker, more neon-soaked version of Sony’s Wipeout series, featuring super fast scrolling and tight turns and maneuvering.

There are some monsters in this game as well, so if you once again stretch your imagination, this could also be considered a horror game (ok…). Either way, it’s a good excuse to break out your VR gear.

Also Free this month

  • Bomberman Ultra (PS3)
  • Bomberman Land (PSP/VITA)
  • Slide N’ Go (PS4)

That’s all for this month. We’ll see you again in November for more Free Play games.


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