fbpx 5 Games That Should be on SNES Classic

Nintendo has been cashing in their nostalgia credit hardcore over the last few years. And why not? They’ve banked enough of it. That was never more apparent than with the launch of the NES Classic (aka, Famicom Mini in Japan) last year. The tiny replica of the retro console sold out almost instantly and created world-wide demand that still has online retailers and auction sites flooded with scalpers pushing over-inflated prices.

Now, Nintendo has gone ahead and dropped another nostalgia bomb: the SNES Classic (Super Famicom Mini). Let’s be honest, it was only a matter of time before they announced this baby.

For many, the 16-bit era is the golden age of console gaming. There were so many amazing and industry-defining games released during those years, it’s almost impossible to narrow down a definitive list of games that should be included.

But Nintendo has done their best and will release the tiny console with 21 games when the SNES Classic drops in North America and Europe on September 29 and Japan on October 5.

The list is already full of essentials, but I can’t help but feel there are a few classics that deserved to be invited to the party.

5. ActRaiser

The ultimate city-building sim/action-platformer combo, a genre it invented and no other game has even attempted to replicate (even its own sequel). ActRaiser was a near-launch title for the SNES that showcased the consoles processing prowess. Not to mention Mode-7 overload. A killer soundtrack and aforementioned clashing gameplay modes make it a unique and engaging experience.

4. Terranigma

This little-known action RPG was released in pretty much every territory except for the U.S. That’s a shame considering it’s one of the more creative titles of the time. You play as a main character who’s kind of a jerk and the beginning of the game takes place in the Underworld. As action RPGs go, of which the SNES was never in short supply, this one can stand toe-to-toe with the already included Secret of Mana, but offers enough originality in terms of gameplay and story to make it equally as essential.

3. Turtles in Time

Quite possibly the best beat-em-up on the system, definitely one of the most entertaining. The heroes in a half shell were in their prime when this game came out. Playing through this game with a friend was always a kick. With memorable levels, fun enemies to fight, and smooth controls, Turtles in Time would have been yet another perfect co-op experience for the SNES Classic to add to its belt.

2. Dragon Quest-Anything

Take your pick. There were several Dragon Quest titles released during the 16-bit era, and the series still reigns as the king of console RPGs in Japan. My choice would have been the stellar DQIII remake, which not only used the Dragon Quest VI engine to produce gorgeous visuals, but also added new features, such as a personality quiz in the beginning of the game and a casino, to make one of the best games in the Dragon Quest franchise even better.

1. Chrono Trigger

When it comes to RPG classics, there are two gods that vie for dominance: Final Fantasy VI (already packaged, naturally) and Chrono Trigger. Bucking familiar trends such as random encounters and static battle sprites, Chrono Trigger also featured a time-trekking storyline, a multitude of endings, and one of the greatest video game soundtracks ever composed. So much has already been said about this much-loved game, and it’s pretty much blasphemy that it wasn’t included on the list.

I’m sure choosing just 21 games to include on the console was hard enough. Most likely there are licensing issues involved with getting some of these games on there, but that doesn’t stop a guy from wishing. Now excuse me while I continuously refresh Amazon’s SNES Classic page until they begin taking preorders again.


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