fbpx Tokyo Game Show 2017 Top 5 Indie Games

The Tokyo Game Show convention was held last weekend, and we made sure we were there.  There were tonnes of awesome games to play, great costumes to ogle and free swag to be collected.  We spent some time in the indie game hall to see what the latest up-and-coming developers were working on.

We noticed a huge number of games utilizing VR and AR, making for some truly unique and interesting ideas.  There were so many creative and fresh games on display that we had trouble choosing which ones to gush about.  We managed to narrow it down – so here are our top 5 indie games from Tokyo Game Show 2017!

Tiny Metal

Tiny Metal logo screen

Developer: AREA35
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows, Mac

Nostalgia is in these days, and game developers are capitalizing on it.  The Tiny Metal folks described this game to us as a ‘spiritual sequel to Advance Wars (2001)’.  We love Advance Wars so we’ll be binging on this game for sure.  The game feels great to play and the art style is quirky and charming. Which makes sense since it was done by some of the folks involved with Dragon Quest. There are also plenty of fresh new features which set Tiny Metal apart from Advance Wars – including terrain bonuses and new targeting mechanisms.


Togater logo screen

Developer: Fevolution
Platforms: iPhone

Think competitive Where’s Waldo + augmented reality.  In Togater you compete against your friends to find cute little robots in a cool multi-level Monument Valley-esque world.  The game is satisfying to play and the tiny robot characters are charming and adorable.  We think Togater has great potential as a simple but fun party game.  Don’t trip over anything (or anyone) though!

Pierhead Arcade

Pierhead arcade VR exterior

Developer: Mechabit
Platforms: PC, PlayStation VR (soon)

It’s game-ception! Now thanks to the VR age you can play old-school arcade games inside a video game!  Pierhead Arcade is a VR arcade experience featuring several classic games like bowling and whack-a-mole, all inside an old-school virtual arcade world. Cool!

Boku Kara


Developer: Prodigy
Platforms: Available soon at Joysound Karaoke

Boku Kara is a VR boxing game with a very strange twist.  In order to maintain the ‘power of your punch’ you must continually sing into your headset.  It’s completely hilarious to watch and super fun to play (how could it not be).  Unfortunately for those outside of Japan, this game will only be available to try at select Joysound Karaoke spots within the country.  The company responsible for the game previously developed ‘The Zone’ – another 360 Karaoke experience.


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