Fujiya-Avic-2-2-800x450 Fujiya Avic
Fujiya-Avic-2-3-800x450 Fujiya Avic
Fujiya-Avic-2-4-800x450 Fujiya Avic
Fujiya-Avic-2-5-800x450 Fujiya Avic
Fujiya-Avic-2-6-800x450 Fujiya Avic
Fujiya-Avic-2-800x450 Fujiya Avic
Fujiya-Avic-3-800x450 Fujiya Avic

There are two Fujiya Avic locations inside Nakano Broadway. The shops sell a wide range of audio and video equipment for creators and film makers.


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ADDRESS: 中野5-52-15 中野ブロードウェイ
HOURS: 10:30〜 20:00