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Jazzy Sport is a record store which stocks a wide range of genres from hip-hop, J-pop, and of course jazz. The record shop is relatively new and was founded in 2015 in the musical hub of Tokyo, Shimokitazawa. The brand even sells its own merchandise such as coffee mugs, caps and jackets. If you are looking for records start here.


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South Exit / 3min
ADDRESS: 〒155-0031, 3F, 2-19-17 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo
Sunday : 10:00〜 20:00
Monday : 10:00〜 21:00
Tuesday : 10:00〜 21:00
Wednesday : 10:00〜 21:00
Thursday : 10:00〜 21:00
Friday : 10:00〜 21:00
Saturday : 10:00〜 21:00
CLOSED No closing days