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At Rag-tag the focus is on second-hand designer wear. In its prime location with its glass exterior, there is an array of Western and Japanese designers for you to check out. Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, and Chanel are here together with Japan’s own Bathing Ape, Comme De Garcon, and Yoshimoto. You can also exchange your old pair of designer jeans, but once again it should be in a good state. The quality of your old clothes really matters.


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They’re way better than ours.

the best thrift store. london's second hand stores don't even come close 👄

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Hachiko Exit / 9mins | Shibuya Station

ADDRESS: 150-0041 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jinnan, 1 Chome−17−7-1
HOURS: 12:00〜 21:00