Shibuya-109-Womens-1-800x450 Shibuya 109 Womens
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Shibuya-109-Womens-4-800x450 Shibuya 109 Womens

The shopping mall Shibuya 109 was at one time the epicenter of a Japanese subculture called ‘gyaru’.  A vivid, colorful and kitsch style that was made very famous around the globe. Now Shibuya 109 is much more commercial, targeting mainly young girls. Tourists might feel overwhelmed when they visit for the first time because of the loud music, heckling voices and an endless string of clothing, makeup, shoes, and costumes for any occasion.


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Shibuya St. Exit 3a /5 mins | Shibuya St. Exit 3a /5 mins

ADDRESS: 150-0043 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Dogenzaka 2-29-1
HOURS: 10:00〜 21:00