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Japan Gaming Weekly Sales Chart 12.19.2018

A new contender steps into the ring

Not for the Squeamish: Tsutomu Nihei’s Abara

A short but sweet tale of terror

Japan’s Best Arcade Is Anata No Warehouse

A Chinese city or a Japanese arcade?

Japan Weekly Music Charts: Top 10 Albums 12.10.2018

Yamapi is unleashed onto the Japanese music world

Dating In Tokyo: Happening Bar Blues

Welcome to Tokyo’s underground hook-up world

J-World Tokyo Is Closing Its Doors For Good

It will take more than senzu beans to save this…

Treasure of Rudra: One of Square’s Japan-only JPRGS

Where was this game when we were kids?

Japan’s PS Plus Free Games December 2018

The gifts that keep on giving

Japan Gaming Weekly Sales Chart 12.5.2018

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee cling to the top…

Netflix Announces Live Action Cowboy Bebop Series

I think it’s time to binge this thing