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The Korean ‘Fire Noodle Challenge’

The trial is back and 2x hotter!

A Weekend in Shibuya with THE FALL OF TROY

These guys have nicer hair than you. Probably.

PlayStation’s Summer Sim: Boku no Natsuyasumi

Life as a 10-year-old Japanese boy!

Hemp History from a Tokyo Head Shop

Blazing the way for weed culture

5 Cool Uses for Your SUICA Card

SUICA is like VIP access to Japan… kinda!

Why Does Everyone Hate the New Death Note Movie?

In reverse: the story of a young man who gives…

Ramen & Chill: a Day Out in Nakano

A warm bowl of noodles and a place to relax

5 Tips for Beating Tokyo’s Summer Sweat

On the train, on the streets, I need relief

How to Make Japan’s Famous Plastic Food

Whatever you do, don’t try to eat it

Nakano Broadway is a Geek Wonderland

This four-story mega mall has it all

Dine with Ninjas at this Weird Izakaya

Gasp in awe at their ninja magic

Taking Indie Anime in a New Direction

D’art Shtajio studio’s Indigo Ignited is classic anime action.