fbpx The Korean 'Fire Noodle Challenge'

The Korean Fire Noodle Challenge is back ladies and gentlemen. This time it’s coming with twice the spice as before.

This new version of Samyangs fire ramen came out in January of 2017 following the viral success of the original challenge in Korea.  Unlike most instant noodles, this ramen is boiled and drained, then eaten with an ultra spicy sauce. There is no hope for you to dilute any of the heat with water.

Red is the colour of pain

This new iteration of the instant noodle treat scores a whopping 8706 on the Scoville scale, which officially makes it Korea’s spiciest instant ramen.  That also makes it about 2-5 times spicier than tabasco sauce – depending on the variety. The ramen is so spicy that some warn sick people or pregnant women to eat with caution. Yikes!

Pepper spray scores between 2 and 5 million on the Scoville scale. Cool!

Samyang offers several other varieties of their ultra popular Fire Noodles.  These include the original (with a measly half the spice), curry, soupy (eaten with water), cheese and a version that is meant to be eaten cold.  All of these other flavours are significantly less spicy than what we ate according to their Scoville scores.

Happy faces before entering noodle hell

So how were the noodles? Well, a little over a year ago – I was living in Korea and used to eat the original ‘fire noodles’ for dinner on occasion, and I love spicy food.  So I was feeling confident as I watched Luke, Akito, Blumio and Dan suffer through their turns.

My confidence was misplaced though – these noodles are seriously deadly. Like most spicy Korean dishes the hotness builds up the more you eat – and by the end of the bowl my body had started to go into panic mode.  All five of us agreed after that something wasn’t right inside – as we could feel the lump of noodles burning through our bodies.

Aand sad faces after

Some of us suffered more than others. I was fine after a few minutes, but I would wager that fire sauce isn’t exactly healthy. But don’t take our word for it – why not try these noodles yourself and tell us what you thought!

Afterwards – because we don’t mess around when it comes to spice – we visited a spicy food festival. Sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire.  Stay tuned for those adventures very soon!


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