fbpx The 5 Best Sex Shops in Akihabara

Everybody knows Akihabara has a lot of video game, anime, and idol merch, but did you also know about all the smut? Unlike in the West, where you need to camouflage your box of condoms with M&Ms and dental floss, there isn’t much taboo about sex in Japan. Sex is everywhere, and Akihabara is no exception. These are five of our favorite sex shops in Akihabara.

5. Love Merci

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Love Merci is an adult toy megastore located on the main street of Akihabara. It has five floors packed with cosplay, lingerie, toys for men and women, and just a staggering amount of JAV (Japan adult video). It also has a ladies-first mentality. The initial two floors are cosplay, lingerie, and adult toys for women. It makes it a bit easier for them to browse vibrators without also having to wade through tentacle porn and onaholes (men’s masturbator toys).

4. Wild One

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If Love Merci thinks ladies should go first, then Wild One thinks they should tread lightly. Women aren’t allowed beyond the first floor. Cramped and neon-lit, Wild One is known for their extreme toys and novelty products such as ladies’ used undergarments. It is actually a franchise, with the flagship being located in Shibuya. The Shibuya store is not only bigger but also has the famed Vibe Bar Wild One, a theme bar with a seemingly endless supply of dildos.

3. Tenga Shop Akihabara in Don Quijote

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Don Quijote (Donki for short) is a chain of mega-stores in Japan that sells practically everything. It’s one of the few places in Tokyo where you can buy sex lube, airsoft rifles, and frying pans in one go. The Akihabara branch also has otaku exclusives, including the main stage for AKB48 and its own Tenga shop.

Tenga is the Steve Jobs of masturbation. What started out as a simple series of wank cups has quickly evolved into one of the most innovative series of adult toys on the market. If you have ever wanted to get yourself off with a carton of eggs, this shop is for you.

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Located on the 5th floor of Don Quijote, Tenga Shop boasts their entire product line. Just to show you how serious it is, they even have a “Tenga Meister” stationed there like some kind of wine taster for J’n O.

2. Mandarake COMPLEX

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Mandarake is one of Tokyo’s largest vendors of used collectibles. While it isn’t an adult toy shop, the 4th and 5th floors of the Akihabara branch have one of the world’s best collections of Doujinshi, unofficial self-published manga and novels. Doujinshi typically involve famous characters in situations and crossovers that you’d never actually see officially. Fun stuff like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teaming up with Starfox to fight the combined forces of Andross and the Shredder. And then boning each other.

This isn’t your typical low-grade My Little Pony rule 34 porn. This is high-quality stuff. A lot of work and effort goes into it, and most doujinshi artists are actually women who make doujinshi for other women. There is so much doujinshi for girls that the 5th floor of Mandarake COMPLEX caters exclusively to them.

1. M’s: Pop Life.

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The most infamous sex shop in Akihabara is M’s, a seven-story shrine to sex culture. The instant you walk in, you are blitzed with moans of the latest JAV, lifeless loli dolls hanging above you in cages, and the motorized hum of whirling dildos. Oddly enough, it all feels like a relatively casual experience thanks to both men and women browsing sex toys like they’re comparing ripe avocados.

M’s has something for everyone. Every floor is dedicated to a fetish or lifestyle. Ladies can even score a sweet discount on lingerie and cosplay if they let the shop put a photo of them wearing it. It’s clean, brightly lit, and the staff is helpful, all in an attempt to help further normalize sex and sex culture in Japan.


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