fbpx 5 Cool Uses for Your SUICA Card

Castro has another tip for y’all. This time it’s about the magical Japanese all-in-one card: SUICA.

The SUICA and its sister card, PASMO, are in the most basic sense train passes. Tap the card on the glowing sensor at any JR or Metro gate entrance and you’re on your way. Buses also have them. But the SUICA has so many other uses. Here are just a few:

Tap that vending machine

Change is a thing of the past… almost

You’ll see vending machines literally everywhere in the city and the countryside. There are all types as well: drinks, snacks, newspapers, ice cream, beer, cigarettes, the list goes on and on.

At or around stations, vending machines are usually equipped with a card sensor, so you can use that fancy SUICA to buy yourself some refreshment.

Binge at a konbini

Convenience stores just got convenient-er!

Almost every convenience store register is capable of reading a SUICA card. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch from the bento selection or picking up your favorite manga magazine, pay with your card and be on your way.

Go on a shopping spree

Tap your life savings away~

Not only convenience stores, but some department stores and outlets also have that magic SUICA reader. Clothing, makeup, accessories, games, cds, you name the type of shop and chances are, in the city, you’ll be able to pay with the SUICA.

Grab a fast meal

No cash? No problem

Are you starting to see a trend here yet? You’re not going to be able to go into a fine five-star establishment and pay your ¥20,001 bill with a SUICA (you can only keep ¥20,000 on it at a time, silly). But pop down to Tenya, Matsuya, McDonalds, or almost any other fast food chain and more than likely you’ll see that familiar green sensor. Even some non-chain restaurants in the city will have one. Just ask.

Take a taxi

Drunk people of the world rejoice!

It’s a late night after a nomihoudai and you’ve missed your last train. You fall into the nearest taxi and slur out your address. As you take out your wallet, you stare in horror at the gaping emptiness of your billfold. Have no fear! As long as you’re in the city, that taxi is probably equipped with a SUICA sensor. And life goes on. Until the next morning, when you’re suffering that hangover and wishing life would just end.


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