fbpx 5 Halloween Date Ideas in Japan

Dating is scary enough all on its own, but what do the Japanese like to do with their special someone during the spookiest time of the year? We’ve visited the local haunts and conferred with the mediums to bring you our list of 5 Halloween Date Ideas in Japan.

5. The LockUp

The LockUp is a prison and horror-themed izakaya found throughout Japan. The staff, dressed as horrifying sexy police officers, will handcuff you and your partner in crime and escort you to your dungeon inspired table. All the food is given a gross makeover, and is there anything truly more terrifying than over-priced takoyaki shaped like a bowl of eyeballs? How about an “Interview With the Vampire Cocktail?” The finale of the date comes when strobe lights and alarms signal undergrads to put on cheap masks and harass you for a couple of minutes.

4. Terrible Haunted Houses

The idea of something being so bad that it comes back around to being good doesn’t just work with movies. Japan, known for more than a few masters of subtle horror, has a surprisingly high number of awful haunted houses. Our theory is that Japanese girls are just really easy to scare, so haunted houses don’t have to spend too much money or effort on effects or atmosphere. Hilariously bad haunted houses include Zombie Zoo inside Joypolis at Odaiba, Namja Town in Ikebukuro, and Hanayashiki in Asakusa. Speaking of which—

3. Hanayashiki

What better way to get your sweetheart’s adrenaline pumping than a stroll through Japan’s oldest amusement park? Wobbly roller coasters, obsolete technology, old and unattentive employees. There’s just so many ways to die!

2. Places That Are Actually Haunted

If you and your bae are feeling exceptionally brave, you could make the trek out to one of Japan’s actual haunted locations.  You could make a whole romantic and creepy month just visiting all the abandoned schools. How about a camping trip in Aokigahara? Just the two of you in a tent, surrounded by nature, the starry night, the occasional dead body. Ah, young love.

1. Shibuya

Imagine you and your girl/guy walking to the conbini like any other night. Now imagine that it takes you over 90-minutes to actually get there. Now imagine going out tonight was a mistake and you both desperately want to go home. Now imagine that you can’t because the train going home is congested with millions of people. Now imagine that it’s only six o’clock. Hell, dear reader. We are in hell. Actually, we’re in Shibuya during the Halloween weekend— one of the largest and most crowded Halloween flash parties in the world.


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