fbpx 5 of the Most Brutal Japanese TV Pranks

As you may know, Japanese TV goes all out when it comes to playing pranks on both celebrities and normal people. They take these antics very seriously, and the results are undeniably hilarious. Here are five of the many, many pranks that Japanese TV pulls. We’re excluding shows like¬†Takeshi’s Castle, because those kinds of shows are their own breed of insanity.

5. Dinosaur in the Office

This is pretty self-explanatory. I mean, there’s nothing really left to the imagination with a title like “Dinosaur in the Office.” Just check out the clip.

4. Toilet to Heaven

This is quite an old one, so you’ll have to excuse the poor quality. Hopefully, the comedy comes through the blurry images, because catching people in the act of pooping in public is always great.

3. High-powered Water Fountain

There are already many reasons not to use public water fountains, however, getting your face blown off due to the water pressure probably wasn’t one of them… until now.

2. Elevator to Hell

If that toilet from earlier was heading to Heaven, then this elevator can’t be leading anywhere but to Hell. This video is also notable for its use of high-speed camera for capturing the exact moment when the celebrities involved lose their minds.

1. Pie Cannon

Last, but certainly not least is the pie cannon. It’s an elegant invention, and actually rather complex in its design since it’s hidden inside the table. It looks like it might actually be a bit painful to experience as well.

In the mood for some more pranks from Japanese television? Check out the compilation below.



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