fbpx 5 Tips for Beating Tokyo’s Summer Sweat

Ah, the sweltering sweaty searing summer days of the land of the rising sun.  It’s a time when the screeching of cicada is a background chorus to daily life, and the humidity comes to smother the world like a fat uncle accidentally sitting on the family lap dog (Fido, you were so young).

As Castro so rhythmically points out, the sweat is inescapable. In the big city, what’s a melting citizen to do? Fear not! We’ve put together five ways you can beat the summer heat and survive Tokyo’s dog days.

5. Chill in a manga cafe

Found in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, pretty much everywhere. All over Tokyo, these establishments cater to the whims of anime and manga nerds, as well as video game enthusiasts and internet junkies.

Sweet, manga goodness

For merely a few thousand yen, you can rent a small space and spend the afternoon in full air-conditioned glory. Most places offer drink bars with all-you-can-drink beverages and sometimes even ice cream.

If you find yourself there overnight, lots of manga cafe even have showers. You can freshen up before heading back out into that lovely summer haze.

4. Stay cool with some aquatic life

Aquariums are the perfect refuge from the summer weather. It’s dim, air-conditioned, and all the water around will certainly make you feel a few degrees cooler.

Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro is a rooftop aquarium that is designed around the concept of an “oasis in the sky.” It has a lot of interesting attractions, such as a jellyfish tunnel and a lagoon tank.

Sumida Aquarium can be found in Skytree Town. Not only can you hide from the heat while chilling with some sea creatures, but you can get some shopping done and even catch a view of the hazy skyline from the top of Tokyo Skytree.

Meanwhile, Tokyo Sea Life Park is in Kasai Rinkai Koen, located just a short distance from Tokyo Disneyland. Before you head in, you can gaze across the bay at all the crazies who decided to spend the hottest time of the year wandering around Tokyo Disney Sea.

3. Take a dip at Tokyo Summerland

If you don’t want to just look at other creatures swimming around in water and would rather be jumping in yourself, then check out the water amusement park Tokyo Summerland.

The park boasts an assortment of water slides, rides, a wave pool, and indoor pools.

It’s best to go prepared though. The crowds can be fierce in the middle of summer, so you might not be doing so much swimming as just bobbing along with a large crowd of people.

We’re not kidding

2. Hang out in a supermarket

Every part of the city has one and they are an air-conditioned mecca from the baking sidewalks. Even better, you can open the doors in the frozen foods section and bask in the cool air until the store clerks start to get suspicious.

Why hello there refrigerated section

Just be sure to carry around a basket or push a cart if available. You don’t want to look like a complete weirdo.

1. Carry a sun umbrella

A million obaasans and healthy-skin-conscious young women can’t be wrong. Can they?

If you really want to avoid the sun and sweat, best to carry around a sun umbrella. For maximum effectiveness, make sure not to move it out of the way of others while you’re in crowded areas.

Bonus points go to those who go all out and wear a full-face sun visor. Not only are you protecting yourself, but you’re looking stylish in the process.

Hope these were some useful tips for you. Stay cool out there, everybody.


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