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TeamLab’s ‘Borderless‘ exhibit in Odaiba is currently shaking the art, tech and social media worlds. The now-permanent exhibit is a partnership with Japanese electronics company Epson–which explains where they got all the tech.

There are a total of 470 projectors and over 500 computers controlling the exhibit. “Borderless” uses cutting edge AI and motion detection technology, which many of the fixtures rely on to track and react to the visitors’ movement.

The “Borderless” exhibit is currently sold out until September, so anyone wanting to pay a visit needs to reserve their tickets online in advance.

The Experience

Patrons can walk around the 10,000 square meter space, and are encouraged by museum workers to  interact with the environment. In many cases, the projections respond and react to touch and movement. Expect to spend at least 3 or 4 hours in the exhibit. It’s truly huge, and the lack of maps or a clear route are designed to make it very easy to get lost.

The place is pretty packed, since it is sold out everyday. There are troves of families with small children, so it isn’t as serene and magical as some of the Instagram posts make it out to be (breaking news: social media isn’t always an accurate reflection of real life). However, the space is massive enough that you can move around easily and find a corner to get that winning shot. In fact, the entire museum is designed for social media with plenty of nooks and crannies to keep the crowds out of your frame, and workers encourage visitors to take lots of photos and videos.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of our favorite parts of the exhibit. There’s much more to experience, so check it out for yourself if you can!

Sketch Aquarium

Here museum-goers have the opportunity to let their creative juices flow and draw on one of several available fish-themed templates. The picture is then scanned and ‘uploaded’ to a massive aquarium projected on the walls. Patrons can then see their creation come to life and swim among all the other crayon fishies.

Galaxy Trampoline

Jumping on this magic trampoline will create planets and shooting stars in your wake. You have to wear a silly helmet, but it’s a small price to pay for the power to create and destroy entire worlds.

City Builder

Seemingly overlooked by many of the adults at the exhibit, this room contains large blocks representing houses, water, and clouds. Moving any of these blocks causes projectors on the ceilings to project various images. Roads connect houses in real-time and rivers appear connecting blocks of water. It’s kind of like like Sim City, but cooler.

Lamp Forest

Possibly the most ‘Instagrammed’ part of the exhibit, this room is definitely a sight to behold. Just get in there, find a nice shiny corner, and wait for the ‘likes’ to roll in.

En Tea House

After hours of wandering around the “Borderless” fantasy projector world, why not stop and have a cup of tea? The En Tea House is darkly lit like the rest of the exhibit. Blooming flowers are projected form above onto your tea, and if you move your cup to take a sip, the petals will scatter and float away.

Have you been able to check out TeamLab’s “Borderless?” Why not let us know, and send us a photo  on our Twitter or Instagram!


TeamLab’s Borderless

South Tokyo
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〒135-0064 Tōkyō-to, Kōtō-ku, Aomi, 1 Chome−3−8 お台場パレットタウン
Today - 10:00 - 19:00


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