fbpx How to Make Japan's Famous Plastic Food

Recently the Breaker Japan team headed out with our friend Aqui Pode to discover the secrets of Japan’s notorious plastic food. In case you aren’t familiar – many Japanese restaurants have displays outside showcasing all of the food served at the restaurant. Obviously it would be wasteful (and maybe smelly) to display real food – so the displays are made of super-realistic plastic grub!

This stuff is vegetarian right?

We packed up our cameras and headed out to Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya in Asakusa. This place not only sells a huge variety of fake food but also offers workshops on how to make various types of the plastic gourmet.

I volunteered to go head to head with Mr. Aqui Pode to see who could make the best tempura and lettuce out of wax.  We met the lovely (and very patient) instructor and it was game on.

Behold the ‘deep fryer’

First up: the tempura.  We selected the ‘vegetables’ that we were going to ‘fry’ beforehand.  Then, we took the waxy veggies over to a tank of hot water and created the tempura batter.  We created the batter by dripping wax into the water from a height and wrapping the vegetables.  The process of wrapping the veggies in the hot wax was a little tricky, but I think I pulled it together.

A waxy buffet

Last up was the lettuce. This was much trickier than the tempura but much more interesting. Constructing this delicacy involved pouring green wax into the water and essentially pulling it so that it created a huge waxy sheet. Then the instructor helped us wrap the waxy goodness into a ball. Presto! Lettuce!

My beautiful creations

After we were done we got to take our creations home in a little takeout box.  I think I may have unlocked a hidden talent – so stay tuned for my wax food art exhibit this fall.

Just kidding. I’ll stick to making websites.


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