fbpx Monster Party: Surreal Alternative to the Maid Cafe

The first thing you’re apt to notice about Monaka is that she’s only got one eye, but don’t let that scare you. She runs Monster Party, a concept cafe near Tokyo’s otaku Mecca Akihabara that caters to people looking for an out of this world experience. The shop is nestled on the fourth floor of its building and the Legend of Zelda sound that plays when you open the door helps set the mood right from the start. It isn’t a big cafe—it could sit up to only about 10 people comfortably, but what it lacks in space it makes up for in heart. This isn’t a high gloss tourist trap, it’s a labor of love.

Nothing in this cafe has the right number of eyes

After being seated you’ll be able to choose what you want from a monster-themed menu. Similarly to other concept or maid cafes, guests are expected to order a food or drink item that runs from 780 yen and up in addition to the entry fee (or seat charge) of 500 yen. Guests are freely able to take pictures with their phones and cameras so it’s a great chance to snag a few photos for Instagram or other social media sites. The menu also features some quick facts about the resident monsters, Monaka and her helper Yuki.

If you’re on the fence about what to choose, we recommend trying one of their parfaits!

Yuki Parfait

Unicorn Drink

Interacting with the two hostesses is a key part of the Monster Party experience. Monaka is also a well traveled monster and asking her about her trips to Los Angeles’ Anime Expo or other conventions might be a good place to start a conversation. Yuki would be happy to share her likes and dislikes if you ask. Their voices are somewhat muffled behind the large masks they wear, but it doesn’t hinder discussions with them. Try not to be too shy if you come for a visit.

Unicorn boy not included—some of the patrons are just as unique as the cafe

The cafe is open during the afternoon every day except Wednesday and can be walked to from several stations, including Okachimachi  and Akihabara (Google Maps link). It might just be the getaway you need after a long day of perusing anime, manga and electronic goods.


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