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Last week, we looked at the top food videos that were ranking in Japan. This week let’s check out the top travel videos.

Japanese YouTube usually has its own unique take on documenting the world, but this week as we focus on travel, most of the chart toppers come from global creators. Each one is still based in Japan though and they are great travel guides.

Except for number 1. Number 1 is a bit…. something….

#5 – Going to Japan ~ | My Travel Skincare Routine in Sydney


Kim Dao travels to Japan from Australia. You can follow her through her day from morning makeup routine to her evening makeup routine. In between she travels through the airport and munches some delicious looking sweets. She also stops for a drink with a man who looks suspiciously like Tiger Woods. Hmm….

#4 – Travel Tips to Japan – Extra Bloops


Simon and Martina are YouTube Japan’s top travel couple. This week they’ve produced a video about travel tips to Japan (more on that later). At the number 4 spot in our travel videos countdown though, are the hilarious bloopers they managed to capture while producing their main video. And who doesn’t love a bit of bloopers now and then?

#3 – X-H1: Daniel Malikyar x Travel India -Proud of- / FUJIFILM


Daniel Malikyar is a Fuji X photographer traveling to India to document life there. This video is a mini-documentary that follows Malikyar on his trip. As to be expected from FUJIFILM, the video is beautifully shot. Malikyar captures the mundane moments of daily life during his trip and it’s a fascinating watch. Perfect for anyone interested in taking a peek into the culture of India.

#2 – Travel Tips for Japan You Must Know!

Simon and Martina

Back at the number 2 spot are Simon and Martina with some practical and extremely useful trips for anyone traveling to Japan. Covering such topics as where to find public restrooms, getting your internet fix, and how to use the train in Tokyo. If you’re planning a trip to Japan anytime soon, this is the video you want to check out.

#1 – Heidi Doll Travel Set and Mell-chan Doll


And here it is ladies and gentlemen, your number 1 travel video in Japan. Is it a list of helpful tips? A mini-documentary detailing life here? A funny skit that also contains some insightful information? Wrong, wrong,and wrong again! Let’s watch a little Japanese girl play with a doll for 8 minutes.

If you’re traveling anywhere, you need to know about 70cleam‘s take on the Heidi Doll Travel Set and Mell-chan Doll. This is essential information people.

And that’s it for me. Tune in next week, when we take a look at the nerdier side of YouTube Japan. Until then, safe travels!

This list was compiled 3/9/2018 using Tubular


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