fbpx Rainbow Soko 3 is Indie Heaven in Tokyo

Attention hipsters! Welcome to Rainbow Soko 3 – a unique five-story building converted into what some refer to as a ‘creative warehouse’. It offers lots of space for creativity and socializing with interesting and artistic folks.

There are two other Rainbow Soko locations in Japan. One in Isogo and the other Ikejiri Ohashi. The Shimokitazawa location is the third incarnation. It opened in 2015.

We decided to take a closer look at each floor of this unique experience to get a feel for the space and it’s potential uses.

First Floor: Food and Shopping

Start your hipster adventure with some hipster coffee

The first floor of Rainbow Soko is a cafe selling delicious hand-drip coffee. They also have a selection of ice cream and vegan food – which is hard to come by in Japan.  There are also a selection of booths which can be rented out on a monthly basis.  Here you can browse and purchase a wide range of products in support of small businesses.

Second Floor: More Shopping

On the second floor you will find more of the same booths. Between the first and second floor of the building – there are a total of 20 booths. You’re sure to find something unique and interesting!

Third Floor: Exhibition & Rental Space

There are two parts to this floor. First is the exhibition space. Anyone can rent this space for anything from an art exhibition or lecture to an event or impromptu yoga class. Rainbow Soko’s website has many suggestions as to how to use the space, as well as rental costs.  Across the hall there is something called the ‘Box Shop’. This is a space that allows indie artists to sell their work by renting out a display case and using it as a tiny shop.

Fourth Floor: DIY Workshop

Here you can find tools and other DIY goodies. This space is meant to be a sort of workshop for people who want to make their Pinterest dreams come true.  The tools are free to use for anyone who needs them. Just be careful not to injure yourself on the power tools.

Fifth Floor: Rooftop Balcony

Finally at the very top of the building is a beautiful outdoor area.  Anyone can rent this area for Barbecue parties or simply use it as a place to relax.  Patrons can bring in outside food and cook it on the rooftop which boasts a view of Mount Fuji. Perfect for a sunny summer day!

Hello down there!

All of the floors can also be rented out for photo or video shoots or for private events. Rainbow Soko’s website has all the pricing information.  Be sure to check out this indie megaplex if you’re ever in the Shimokitazawa area!


Rainbow Soko 3

Harajuku & Yoyogi
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2-19-5 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tōkyō-to 155-0031
Today - 10:00 - 20:00


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