fbpx 5 Shinjuku Dart Bars for a Casually Competitive Good Time

Dart bars in Japan are a fun late night activity, but they’re probably not the dart game you’re familiar with at home. These dart bars have rows of electronic machines and you typically pay by the hour to play. Some machines are so sophisticated they take an IC card to initiate gameplay. Most bars have a set of cards for customers to use, but if you have your own you can use it to keep track of your personal ranking.

There is a competitive dart scene with teams of players. It reaches heights that are comparable to gaming tournaments. In fact, the world championship is being televised later this month. Most bars sell darts as well. Not only the full thing, but also different tips, barrels, and tails, so you can customize your own darts.


BAGUS is a restaurant bar that has the electronic dart system but also offers karaoke, virtual golf, ping pong, and billiards. There is a cover charge, a food menu, and an all-you-can drink menu. BAGUS is a large chain with three locations in Shinjuku alone, but also throughout Tokyo. Some locations even offer lessons, if you want to work on your dart game.

Darts UP


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Not to be confused with the Nintendo Switch game of the same name, Darts UP is another dart bar chain that offers food and all-you-can drink alcohol. However unlike BAGUS, it only focuses on the dart system. It is also open for lunch if you’re craving a game during your lunch hour. Darts UP is affiliated with the Darts Live system.

Dining Dart Bar Bee

A smaller chain dart bar, with multiple locations around Tokyo including Ikebukuro and Shibuya, Dining Dart Bar Bee is mainly a restaurant. It offers Italian cuisine, but darts, karaoke, and bingo is also available. Bee is only open during dinner time on the weekdays and during lunch on the weekends.

Sector 7G

Sector 7G is a sports bar where you can watch soccer matches. They also have darts and occasionally host tournaments. It’s a great place for that greasy pub food you might be looking for and they also  offer an all-you-can drink deal. There are only two dart machines, but plenty of seating for down time in-between matches.


Just as its name suggests, HideOut is a place to hide out and enjoy not only darts but also digital gambling and mahjong. As is the theme, they also have all-you-can drink and Darts Live machines. They are also a dining bar with a large kitchen and extensive food menu. Depending on the location, HideOut also offers anime-themed Pachinko slot machines.


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