fbpx Authentic Filipino Restaurants Guide

Authentic Filipino Restaurants Guide

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If you’re in the mood for some of the most authentic Filipino restaurants in Tokyo, then look no further. Over their long tumultuous history, the Philippines was occupied by the Spanish, Japanese, and the United States, which resulted in a cuisine that is an amalgamation of these different cultures, but also uniquely something entirely different. Here are five Filipino restaurants around Tokyo!

  • Kamay Kitchen

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    Kamay Kitchen is a bit different from other Filipino restaurants in Tokyo. Its Filipino... more info

  • Ate

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    Ate (pronounced “ah-teh”) is located on the 2nd floor of its building. Ate means “... more info

  • Kantina Resto & Bar

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    Kantina Resto & Bar is located on the 6th floor of it’s building.... more info

  • Pangaea Restaurant & Bar

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    Authentic Filipino cuisine with an impressive variety of alcohol and skyline view. Full menu... more info

  • New Nanay’s

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    Casual and authentic Filipino dining with limited seating. It can be found in the... more info


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