fbpx 7 Japanese Music Groups With Insane Names

You’ve heard of mega popular J-Pop groups like AKB28 or Babymetal, but Japan has an entire booming music industry full of variety and uniqueness. That uniqueness can sometimes extend to the strange names of some of Japan’s hit makers.

Start flexing your imaginations, because here are seven of the strangest act names in the J-Music scene along with the logic behind them.


Go on, kiss it

Sorry, folks. Kis-My-Ft2 (which is in fact pronounced “Kiss my Foot 2”) isn’t some specialized idol group for all the foot fetishists out there. The name actually comes from the group’s 7 members. Hiromitsu Kitayama, Kento Senga, Toshiya Miyata, Wataru Yokoo, Taisuke Fujigaya, Yuta Tamamori and Takashi Nikaidō (‘ni’ being Japanese for the number two).

The group made their debut in 2005. Even today, they are still active and doing well on the charts, so hopefully there’s plenty more foot kissing to come!

Kinki Kids

They don’t look so Kinki to me

Kinki Kids are a pop duo consisting of members Koichi Domoto and Tsuyoshi Domoto. The group’s two members are not related despite having the same surname. They both hail from the Kansai region of Japan, which includes major cities Osaka and Kyoto.

Historically some have referred to the Kansai region as the ‘Kinki‘ region, thus the group was named Kinki Kids. We can’t help but wonder why they didn’t go for the alternate Kansai Kids, though.

Sexy Zone

I’m in the zone. The Sexy Zone.

Sexy Zone is a five member boy group which debuted in 2011. The company in charge of forming Sexy Zone revealed in a press conference before their debut that “[t]he group name came from Michael Jackson’s sexiness”.

The company also revealed that they chose the members by considering the “sexiness of men.” Taking into account the fact that the group’s average age at their time of debut was around 14 (with the youngest member just 11 years old), we’re not sure exactly what that means.

Swanky Dank

Looks pretty swanky to me

Swanky Dank is made up of four members, two of them are brothers by the names of Yuichi and Koji. While there isn’t a huge amount of information on the source of Swanky Dank’s swanky danky name, it’s worth mentioning that before becoming a part of Swanky Dank, brothers Yuichi and Koji were promoted as a duo by the name of Doggy Bag, which was later renamed D-Bag.

We’re just glad the world no longer thinks of them as D-Bags.

Mr. Children

That’s MISTER Children to you

Mr. Children is a pop rock group that has been active since the late 1980s and are still hot on Japanese charts today. The name supposedly came about when the members were talking over dinner.  They allegedly thought the word ‘children’ would make a good name, but decided to add the prefix ‘Mr.’ since they themselves were adults.

You know, to make it sound more mature. Or something.


Bump of Chicken

Not vegan-friendly

Bump of Chicken is a four member rock group which was formed in the mid 90s and is still active today. The name Bump of Chicken actually makes a lot more sense when you consider that it is a translation of the Japanese jakusha no hangeki  (弱者の反撃), which means something along the lines of “weak man’s counterattack.”

Weak guy=chicken. Counterattack=bump. Ok, maybe it doesn’t make a LOT more sense, but we tried.


I prefer blueeee

GReeeeN (that’s four E’s) is a four member all-male pop-rock group active since 2002. The four E’s in the group’s name represents the number of members. They all studied dentistry at the same university and formed the group while still in school. Because of this, the group’s logo resembles a mouth with the letters making up the teeth.

In 2014, GReeeen took part in producing a new group called Whiteeeen, which is a vocal group consisting of six female members.

Shouldn’t it be called Whiteeeeeen, then?


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