fbpx Blumio "Demo" EP is Full of Clever Rhymes Smooth Beats

One of the more eclectic voices in the world of Japanese hip-hop, Blumio is a German-Japanese rapper who rhymes in Japanese, German, and English. He has dropped his first Japanese EP, Demo.

Having started his career in Germany, Blumio has moved to Japan and kickstarted his Japanese hip-hop career with the release of several singles and music videos that you can check out on YouTube.

He’s an interesting voice to be sure, full of variation and exciting inflections. His subject matter also strays from the typical, presenting an idiosyncratic style that is both colorful and inventive.

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Blumio’s production favors mixing smooth, jazzy beats with some J-pop sensibilities sprinkled in for flavor. This is apparent on the track “Ikemen Shine,” which has a catchy chorus that might not seem out of place on an AKB48 song.

Aside from his gleeful disdain for good-looking men, Blumio also touches on an array of other humorous topics.

The track “Curry no Uta – Spicy Love feat. JUNE” extols his love of the spicy Japanese staple. And the accompanying music video nails this point home, framed as a cooking show filtered through the manic mind of Blumio.

“Ojisan-janai” sets itself up as a rap battle between an older man (ojisan) and a young boy. The juvenile jabs and danceable beats make it a catchy ride. And once Blumio has destroyed the kid in their lyrical combat, the mother swoops in for a hilariously unhinged finale.

“Mousou Dance” is dedicated to that one guy who shows up uninvited to parties and ruins a good time. Who keeps inviting this guy, anyway? It’s a question Blumio wants answers to as he imagines what he would say to the guy… if, ya know, he had the backbone to do it.

All in all, these seven tracks are a healthy dose of clever rhymes and offbeat topics. It creates a carnivalesque kind of listening experience that is great if you’re looking for a distinct voice in the Japanese hip-hop scene.


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