fbpx German/Japanese Rapper Blumio Unveils New EP

Born in Düsseldorf, Germany and currently making a name for himself in Japan, German/Japanese rapper Blumio has released the first single off of his upcoming debut Japanese EP. The single, “カレーの歌 -Spicy Love- (feat. JUNE)” (“Curry Song -Spicy Love-” in English) was released on October 24 and is available for download on iTunes now.

The upcoming EP, titled “でも” (Demo in English, as in music demo. Get it? The puns are strong with this one), will be available November 21st through music services such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Line Music, Recochoku, and Mora. It features 7 tracks, a few of which have been previously released with accompanying music videos. Check below to get a sample of the songs that will appear on the EP.

Full Track List

  1. おじさんじゃない [Ojisan ja nai]
  2. カレーの歌 -Spicy Love- (feat. JUNE) [Curry Song -Spicy Love-]
  3. 妄想ダンス [Mousou Dance]
  4. ママチャリでGOGO! (feat. kyte) [Mamachari de GOGO!]
  6. 歌のお兄さん -Sing it Older Brother!- (feat. kyte) [Uta no Oniisan]
  7. GeeちゃんラッパーNo.1 [Geechan Rapper No. 1]

Blumio first made a name for himself in Germany by releasing the hit “Hey Mr. Nazi” and producing 4 full-length albums. He moved operations to Japan and has been producing singles for the last few years.

His early songs and albums were rapped in German, but his current material uses a mix of Japanese, German, and English. Beyond just the languages, his quirky sense of humor and smooth production make Blumio a unique voice in the world of Japanese hip-hop. Check out his official YouTube channel for even more material.

Musou Dance

Ojisan ja nai



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