fbpx How Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Saved YouTube FanFest

Last weekend in Tokyo was something unique,
An event those who came for had been waiting all week.
A gathering of YouTubers, the large and the small,
The YouTube FanFest was finally happening, y’all.

December 17 at Tokyo Big Sight (we could write an entire article about the blunder that is the naming of this venue, but we’ll save that for another time), the YouTube FanFest 2017 came to Tokyo town.

Fans turned out in droves to watch their favorite YouTubers perform on stage. While events took place throughout the day at the convention site, the real draw was the live event in the evening, which brought the biggest Japanese names in YouTube onto the stage in front of their adoring fans.

People came to watch their favorite creators for realsies.

They came with their family,
They came with their friends,
They came with flyers, postcards, stickers, and complimentary pens.

From the very beginning of the event when an opening video introduced all of the creators, it became clear the audience had their favorites. Some were destined to get a huge reaction–creators like Hajime Syacho, Hikakin, Daichi, and Fischer’s. But some (I’ll avoid naming them specifically) appeared on screen to no applause. And I don’t mean only a few claps or hoots here or there, that would have made it at least passably awkward. No, these names appeared and disappeared with complete and utter silence.

This trend continued throughout the evening, but completely changed when Kyary Pamyu Pamyu walked out on stage.

You will cheer and you will move!

She was, of course, scheduled to perform last. Sure, Hajime Syacho, Hikakin, and some of the others outnumber her in terms of subscribers on the old YouTubes, but there’s one thing that an army of YouTube subscribers can’t compensate for and that’s the ability to captivate a live audience.

Is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu the greatest performer to ever grace us with her candy-coated presence? No. Well, maybe the candy-coated part is true. But she managed to get the whole audience involved in the act.

Her lackadaisical movements and silly style have a seriously engaging quality to them. She effortlessly connects. The best part about her is that she looks as if she genuinely enjoys performing. Whether or not this is true doesn’t matter. She makes you believe it. She is all confidence and presence.


The audience waggled their glow sticks and followed along with Kyary’s commands to fist pump and shout “Yeah!” Everybody was into it.

And what happened then…?
Well.. in Tokyo they say
The audience participation
Grew three sizes that day!

And that’s how Kyary Pamyu Pamyu saved Christmas…. the YouTube FanFest.


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